• Our Structural Service Include:

    • Egress Windows
    • PermEntry Basement Entrances
    • Foundation Stabilization and Repair
  • Egress Windows:

    Egress Windows are not just an excuse to keep your basement up to code. They can provide so much more in terms of comfort and value to your basement and home. Having an egress window that follows code can provide more natural light and open up legal living space in your basement. We ensure proper installation with quality products. In case of an emergencies you want to have a safe way to escape your basement. The egress windows we install will not rust or decompose over time, allowing long lasting peace of mind.

    PermEntry Basement Entrances:

    Adding in a PermEntry Basement Entrance gives you more opportunity with your basement. Extra living space, a way to store your outdoor furniture and equipment, and an extra emergency exit to name a few are added opportunities.

    Foundation Stabilization and Repair:

    Little cracks in your foundation may not seem like a major problem. No matter the age of your house, do not assume the foundation has fully settled. Overtime cracks can grow and become more severe. The same for bowing in your wall. These are all signs of pressure buildup against your foundation. Don't panic and attempt to patch the problem. Get a professional opinion on the cause and severity of the problem. 

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