• Our System Services Include:

    • Battery Backup
    • Subslab Soil Exhaust
    • Discharge
    • Superior Pump
    • Transit Heat
    • Dehumidifier
  • Battery Backup:

    In case of power failures you do not want to be left with a wet or flooding basement. This may lead into issues with your insurance coverage and leave you on the hook for costs. If you are to be on vacation and something were to happen while away, a Battery Backup will keep your mind at ease. Whether you lose power or if your primary pump were to max its pumping abilities or even fail, the Batter Backup system will kick in automatically.

    Subslab Soil Exhaust:

    A Dehumidifier is great for pulling moister out of the air in your basement. However, one symptom of this is efflorescence or build up on your concrete. A SubSlab Soil Exhaust system helps mitigate this by pulling air from your basement floor or crawl spaces. An added benefit from this is reducing Radon and harmful soil gasses from your basement.


    There is no such thing as too much prevention. We are always looking for ways to improve the process of waterproofing and reducing the chances for any problems that may rise. As such we have developed our own discharge systems as well as offer another version too.


    Our Seamless Discharge SystemSM is a one-piece drainage pipe that extends from the sump basket to the outside of your home in a continuous run There are no seams that might break and, in the case of freezing, the pipe expands instead of cracking. The only way you could improve the Seamless Discharge system is to have two of them.


    Our Dual Discharge SystemSM provides a second pipe for a backup pump system to ensure a dry basement even if you experience primary sump pump failure, one of those once-every-hundred-years storms or a frozen drainage pipe.


    The Free Flow Buried Discharge SystemSM solves the problem of getting water from the draintile system away from the house without creating obstacles for homeowners to contend with. It also solves the aesthetic issues involved with discharging water past your landscaping or on the front side of the house.

    Superior Pump:

    Unless you are a pirate on a ship bailing water, it is best to have a Sump system in your home. Not only do you want to ensure water in your basement is directed to the sump basin, you need to ensure you have a reliable pump to remove it.


    This is where Standard’s Superior Sump SystemSM comes in. The sump basin is made from high quality structural grade materials. Our structural Diamond Plate has an air tight seal and bolts securely to the basin to prevent radon and other soil gasses from getting into your home. It also helps protect pets and small children.


    Inside the sump basin you’ll find our custom branded SP-33, premium grade, totally automatic submersible pump with a check valve. It can move 2700 gallons of water per hour at a 10 foot head and comes with the SP-33 Switch & Controller that sounds an alarm when AC power has failed, a pump or float problem is detected and more.

    Transit Heat:

    Keeping your Transit Heat system from water entering is imperative. Not waterproofing can be a costly mistake, so it is best to have it done correctly the first time.


    Standard Water uses Blue Duct for transit heat systems. It won’t rust or corrode and out performs the old metal, fiberglass and plastic systems.


    Blue Duct is classified as High Density Polyethylene which is a closed cell plastic material with an additional high thermal property. It is unique to other materials because it is manufactured with food grade plastic that is safe for humans and the environment. The material is mixed with a foaming additive during manufacturing to achieve the density and performance parameter desired.


    The outlet air and exterior duct surface temperatures for the Blue Duct system consistently achieved lower and higher temperatures compared to those of the plastic, fiberglass or metal systems. It is equivalent to ductwork insulated per Minnesota code; NSF thermal performance is R-10.


    Basements without a Dehumidifier can collect moister, and become home to different bacteria and mold if left untreated. Having a quality system in play can reduce allergens and odors from lingering.

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